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How big are the AGA heat-storage cooker's ovens?

All ovens in an AGA heat-storage range cooker are not only deceptively big at 85.1cm in height and 98.7cm in width for a 3-oven model or 91cm in height and 147.8cm in width for a 5-oven model, but you can use virtually every square centimetre. This is because you can slide tins onto the runners, stack pans in the simmering oven and cook on the floor of the oven. That's big enough for each oven to hold up to 4 chickens.

And not only are the ovens nice and roomy, as the ovens are vented, you can cook different dishes simultaneously without the flavours merging. For instance, you can cook a garlicky chicken in the same oven as a delicate lemon tart and each will come out cooked to perfection.

With a number of ovens and two hotplates at your fingertips cooking for a large group of people isn't a problem with an AGA heat-storage cooker – and here's an idea of the number of people you can feed with each cooker:

  • 3-oven AGA cooker – up to 8-10 people
  • 5-oven AGA cooker – up to 14-16 people

How long does the AGA take to warm up?

The hotplates taken 8-11 minutes to reach full temperature and the ovens take approximately 40 minutes.

Can I cook my usual meals on an AGA?

Yes, the AGA is the master of all cooking methods; including cuisine from across the world. There is really nothing the AGA cannot do and cooking results are always a lot better than those of conventional cookers, because the AGA uses radiant heat cooking technology. Find out about radiant heat cooking here.

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