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Why should I invest in an AGA heat-storage cooker? and how does an AGA stand out from other cookers?

Speak to any AGA owner and they'll wax lyrical about their cooker's qualities; its constant warmth, convenience and, of course, the superb cooking results. An AGA heat-storage cooker has longevity built-in and is an investment that will last for generations… its life-span is typically more three times longer than a conventional cooker.

Thanks to its cast-iron body the AGA cooker performs exceptionally well. It retains heat efficiently, meaning it's ready to cook whenever you are. This unique way of cooking, with radiant heat, is far gentler on food than the drying heat from conventional cookers – it locks in flavour, moisture and goodness for delicious results. Each model has a series of ovens offering the ideal level of heat for each type of cooking. The iconic AGA insulated covers reveal the boiling and simmering plates. Even better, having plenty of ovens at your disposal makes catering for large numbers easier, a great help in busy households.

In an AGA home, you may never need a toaster, electric kettle, bread maker or tumble drier – your AGA heat-storage cooker can do it all, and better. And with fewer appliances, your kitchen is less cluttered, as well as the opportunity to save on your home energy costs.

To find out more about how an AGA heat-storage cooker works and its many features, take a look at heat-storage explained or discover more reasons to buy.

Creates a better way of living
Superior cooking performance and exceptional engineering is only part of the reason why an AGA cooker is such a good investment. You'll be amazed at just how integral it becomes to your home life. The whole family will want to gather around the AGA cooker's gentle warmth and when everyday jobs such as the laundry and ironing need doing, its radiant heat will provide an invaluable helping hand. What's more, it's built to last, which means it serves your family much longer than any conventional cooker.

How environmentally friendly are AGA cookers?

Each new AGA heat-storage cooker is made in Shropshire in the UK from 70% reclaimed iron, including old cast-iron cookers, drain covers, old machinery, door fittings etc and, in turn each old AGA is 90% recyclable, meaning you'll never find one on a landfill site.

An AGA heat-storage cooker can also do the same jobs as many of your domestic appliances more efficiently. That means you can give your toaster, electric kettle, bread maker and even your tumble drier a break, which could help you reduce your domestic energy usage. Another thing to keep in mind is that the AGA heat-storage cooker is built to last for generations.

We're also dedicated to developing more efficient energy sources. This includes programs using micro-generated electricity such as wind, solar power and heat pumps. 


How much does it cost to run an AGA heat-storage cooker?

Because the AGA heat-storage cooker is always warm, it's not uncommon for people to have the misconception that it's expensive to run. The truth though, is when at normal heat the AGA cooker doesn't need to use a lot of energy thanks to its cast-iron, fully insulated body. Cast-iron retains heat and then transfers it throughout its ovens and hotplates at a steady, efficient rate. 

Another thing to consider is that an AGA heat-storage cooker does more than just cook delicious food. It's a domestic workhorse and can do the work of a toaster, electric kettle and bread maker, meaning you spend less on kitchen appliances and minimise your energy consumption. 

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