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AGA Cooker Doctor Richard Maggs answers your culinary conundrums

Your Questions
  • How do I bake macarons in the AGA?
  • How do I make old-fashioned soups using a ham bone?
  • When I make bread I find the risen dough shrinks back into the tin once I put it in the oven. Am i not proving it long enough?
  • What's the best way to reheat foods containing meat in an AGA?
  • When I bake muffins in my 2-oven AGA I use the cold plain shelf, but they don't rise as much as I would like. Any suggestions?
  • How can I do the caramel topping when making crème brûlée?
  • How do you make popcorn with a pan on the AGA cooker?
  • How do you make AGA porridge overnight?
  • Is there any way of cooking betrook instead of the usual boiling method?
  • My AGA bakes brilliant bread but I wish the crust was softer. Help!
  • When I want to reduce stocks, can I only use the hotplates or is it possible to use one of the ovens?


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